Grief, in a nutshell

Grief is personal. Private. Inseparable and inevitable. At times it feels, you can share or transfer a part of your grief and it will vanish by making you feel better. Lighter. And it actually does. For the time being. Whereas in reality, it does not. And it would not. Because it belongs to you. Your [...]

Thought of the Day

"I'm at peace with myself and where I am. In the past, I was always looking to see how everybody else was doing. I wasn't competitive, I was comparative. I just wanted to be where everybody else was. Now I've gotten to an age when I am not comparing anymore."- Courteney Cox

The Boundless Horizon

A tale toldIn yonks,Narrated yet again, Putting soul intoThe Immortals,Animism disdained, A tale betweenThe Sky,And howThe Earth belowStanding ten feet high, With a cracking crowOf a magpie,Were jinxed and cursedBy an Evil Eye, "Let's rip apart", saidThe Sky,Seamlessly slidingAcross the UniverseStretching far and wide, Over the mountains,And the oceans that glide,Screaming it's existenceSitting light years [...]

Love – A Hallucination

I held on to my imaginationThe words that were never said, Actions were enough to scream its existenceI thought of the colour of love as red, Now that I see it all in serendipityOnly then I can see,I was captivated by a blurred visionThe vision that wore a shining armour mirroring me, The girl stood [...]

Eternal Love

Only sixty minutes of the darkest hour,And the night will be followed by the day,He who wants to touch her but can't,For he knows she will fade.She'll lose herself,The spell will break,The Night will no longer be a night.The Day knows this,But still he feels,Oh once just once,Stay with me as mine.I want to caress [...]

Love Needs a New Name

Altered are we allIn such a wayFailing to see the obviousDevoured by false fame, A tad practicalCollated with insane, On this globe ofJudgemental Hypocrites, Love needs a new name, Where reality, a shield wornFor every excruciating pain, Where other emotionsRemain untouched,In a Pandora BoxLocked and chained, Where love is laughed uponHate is proclaimed, Amidst this [...]