Chapter 17

“Is everything okay? Are you all right?” Her mom enquired, squinting at her silhouette in the dark. “I think so”, Ashi replied mechanically. Her mom pared the distance between them as she continued, “Doesn’t look like though. Let me tell you that you’re looking like a place that’s undergoing an aftermath of a flood or … Continue reading Chapter 17

Chapter 9

“Ma’am, I’m sorry. I messed up with the orders. That order didn’t belong…” Ma’am had already reached cloud four out of the nine. The waiter’s sentence was pared when he saw that Ashi had already emptied the snifters down her throat. “Ma’am, are you all right? Where‘s Sir?” Ashi pointed near the bar and said, … Continue reading Chapter 9

Chapter 8

“Where are you?” Ashi sent a quick message to Rihaan. Typing…. “On my way”, flashed on the screen. “Where are we going?” Ashi swiped. Offline. “Arrogant Rude Arse”, Ashi muttered under her breath. Packing away the things in her handbag, she made a quick mental note to call him as soon as she was out … Continue reading Chapter 8

Chapter 7

“Okay everyone. I’ll take a leave. It’s already half past eleven”, Ashi said looking at her Casio. “Dad..” Before she started, her Dad said, “You carry on Ashi, we’ll talk in the evening, once you’re back. Ashi mentally relaxed. “Thank God. He sounds more like ‘My Dad’ now”, she grinned, gleaming with the thought. “Rihaan, … Continue reading Chapter 7