My Tribute to the Legend – Irrfan Khan

Jiske gaali par bhi parti thi taali,Jo kehta,"Izzat aur zillatapne haath mein nahi saali", Palatne par jisne kiyaKismat ko majboor,Woh tha hamara naaz,Hamara guroor, Jisne sikhayi hameMohabbat ki ahmiyat,"Zidd hoti toh baahon mein hoti",Keh gaya jo,De Khuda usse rehmat, Kehta jo,"Aap jism, main rooh","Tere amma ne jiske baare mein nahi batayaMain tera woh baap hoon", [...]

Eternal Love

Only sixty minutes of the darkest hour,And the night will be followed by the day,He who wants to touch her but can't,For he knows she will fade.She'll lose herself,The spell will break,The Night will no longer be a night.The Day knows this,But still he feels,Oh once just once,Stay with me as mine.I want to caress [...]

Here’s to Moving On!

Not that I've forgottenI've chosen to ignoreThe wounds thatOnce cut deepHave relevance no more Strange what meant lifeNo longer holds trueStranger it is more evenTo view the blur brew Healthy for my heart thoughSoul sings a symphonyThat once you brutally murderedMy Universe restored the belief My beliefs won wars,True and honestWere my shining scars,As neutral [...]

Love Needs a New Name

Altered are we allIn such a wayFailing to see the obviousDevoured by false fame, A tad practicalCollated with insane, On this globe ofJudgemental Hypocrites, Love needs a new name, Where reality, a shield wornFor every excruciating pain, Where other emotionsRemain untouched,In a Pandora BoxLocked and chained, Where love is laughed uponHate is proclaimed, Amidst this [...]

Sinful Saviours – Words

Nothingness gripped meas I penned downmy thought,Subtly and slowlywhirling the wrath, They twisted, twirled,boasted a little high,Causing ripplesand disappearingover the brim, Little did I knowthey were mockingat me,Giggling, laughing,my wordsat their mercy, Time ticked,the paper still blank,My wordsbegging and pleading,breathing throughthe wreck, Thoughts like firefliesglowed in the dark,Vanishing in the lightsrelapsed into their arch, Determination [...]

Simmering Desires

Strong, unsettlingExceptionally Dark,The moment you touchMy lips,My soul ignites a spark, My Inner Goddess purrsDoes somersaults,A beat in my soulMy entire world halts; It's your smellThat sinks in me,Settling my desiresTriggering my beliefs; Your taste thatLingers on my tongue,Quenches my thirstThe older in meFeels young; Breathing in your smell,I swallow youDown my throat, My cravings [...]

The World Quarantined

For all thatwe had taken for granted,We have come to realizethe price, The abandoned streets,the deserted roads,Our impassable Paradise, Now here we are,Locked in our abodewith nowhere to go, Who thoughtof the apocalypse,To be a boring amigo, Everyday is as monotonousas its neighbour, It's time we stopNaming them altogether, Everything we dreamt ofUpon us is [...]


A knock came on the door, That freezy night, When everything Seemed to have been Falling apart,   Slaughtered virtues Were finally deceased, Wearing a mask of negativity, The Satan looked All pleased. . .   Thoughtless mind, Hopeless soul, The heart fluttered a rhythm, A lament unknown. . . “Who’s there?” came a writhing [...]