Take Care of Yourself, The World can Wait

Stop quailing about other people understanding you. Get in touch with yourself instead. Focus on what makes you happy, what makes your soul feel at peace. You are the biggest commitment, so start loving your flaws, your awkwardness, your weirdness, your intensity, your vulnerability, your overthinking, your everything. Life becomes so much more fulfilling whenContinue reading “Take Care of Yourself, The World can Wait”

GenZ & Feelings, in a nutshell

     iGen typically known as GenZ is complicating the fundamentals of being in love where they’re thinking of it being extraordinary, love is extremely basic, unless you’re a poet or a writer. It’s everything from attachment, compatibility and zingy attractions to contradictions, arguments and zesty compromises. Everything. Inclusive.      Somewhere down, towards theContinue reading “GenZ & Feelings, in a nutshell”

Real Men, in a nutshell

Every other day, I trip over something stating or proving its point about real man/men. Quotes, one-liners, write-ups, blogs that explain the qualities of a real man. Real men, well, the combination itself looks like an oxymoron and sounds fictional at a glance. Often delusional. Satire apart, it has a lot more to it thanContinue reading “Real Men, in a nutshell”