Grief, in a nutshell

Grief is personal. Private. Inseparable and inevitable. At times it feels, you can share or transfer a part of your grief and it will vanish by making you feel better. Lighter. And it actually does. For the time being. Whereas in reality, it does not. And it would not. Because it belongs to you. YourContinue reading “Grief, in a nutshell”

Battling against Covid is Secondary; our primary battle is against Covidiots

In this quarantined world, where we have practically transformed ourselves into warriors warring against this stubborn, neonate yet intelligent genus – Covid, with masks, sanitisers, social distancing and isolation; there inhabits an entirely alien species – Covidiots existing, living and breathing amongst us that has taken the virus itself by storm. Looking at which evenContinue reading “Battling against Covid is Secondary; our primary battle is against Covidiots”

Universe and Me!

The thought crawled aliveIn the dead of the night,Rambled my thinking,And gripped my mind,A mystery to ponder uponIn the daylight,An enigmatic realityOr merelyA delusion of a kind; What are we beyondFlesh and blood,Are we something moreOr merely a mesh of ash in the mud? Or what looks like a connectionIs merely a theoryBased on unrealistic assumption? If youContinue reading “Universe and Me!”

Feminism, Females and the Fiasco

What’s feminism? Well, here goes the official definition – “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” Wikipedia defines Feminism as – Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that aim to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.Continue reading “Feminism, Females and the Fiasco”

Lost… And found!

A state deeper than we think it is; deeper than it feels. A state that’s undefined, infinite and eternal. A state whose existence is a perpetual loop with everyone holding their own rock bottoms; everyone having their own shallows. A word that reminds you of a vacuum, a void. An inseparable, inevitable, void. A voidContinue reading “Lost… And found!”

The Writer’s Tip

If you find yourself awake at 3am,struggling to sleep becauseyour mind is over thinking You might be a writer, If you fall for wordsbecause of what they meanwhen they roll off your mind, You might be a writer, If you sacrifice hoursonly to come up with somethingthat gives justice to your imagination You might beContinue reading “The Writer’s Tip”

Women – The Carriers of Vagina

Born a girl? Your vagina is never your property. It’s everyone’s property – your parents, your society, your boyfriend, your husband, everyone’s, except yours. With the virtue of birth, it’s your parents’ and society’s responsibility, to protect it and to keep it away and safe from all possible invaders. Well, a right thing to do,Continue reading “Women – The Carriers of Vagina”

An Open Letter to those who are trying to alter My Life.

At times you are caught in a dire dilemma and there’s noone you can talk to about it in this delusional world. It’s because you know the outcomes that would sprang all over and you would rather choose to live in that little misunderstanding that’s still yours than to face the truth that belongs toContinue reading “An Open Letter to those who are trying to alter My Life.”

Passion, the Power that Drives You!

It’s when your world falls and divides; splits into half, taking a completely new dimension and you can only stare there gawking. There’s nothing you can do except study the vacuum developing in front of you. You turn into an immovable smoke, held by the vacuum surrounding it. Your world shifts slightly and you onlyContinue reading “Passion, the Power that Drives You!”

Change, a delusional reality

Change is inevitable. Change is real. Relative and constant. At times, spartan. Change is invisible. Gradual. Nothing seems to have changed at a glance but when discerned, everything has. The ones who once fluttered your heartbeats have no dominance over it. It is when change gifts you Liberation. The ones who once got on yourContinue reading “Change, a delusional reality”