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Swati Prakash

Professional Writer

Swati Prakash is the Sherlock of the writing world and the Sheldon of the reading. Having completed her Masters in Management from the University of Mumbai, she got in recruitment, working for which it dawned upon her that professional writing was her soul calling. Writing defines, drives her and has moulded her existence in toto. A versatile writer for a variety of web and multi-platform applications, she has an eagle eye for details and a deft hand in writing for website copies, blog posts, social media content, and product/service descriptions. Creating content that’s way ahead of its times, she skillfully gaps the bridge interconnecting the practicality of today’s world with that of her ideologies through her content. Her content is known to add value by actively engaging customers and maintaining a cohesive brand voice.

Writing yields me immense level of peace and makes me lose the sense of time and space; only to create within me a time and space of its own!

Swati Prakash
Areas of Expertise
  • Content Creator
  • Digital Creator
  • Fiction Writer