Grief, in a nutshell

Grief is personal. Private. Inseparable and inevitable. At times it feels, you can share or transfer a part of your grief and it will vanish by making you feel better. Lighter. And it actually does. For the time being.

Whereas in reality, it does not. And it would not. Because it belongs to you. Your soul. It is attached to it. Just like love. It is yours – solely and truly.

People you share your grief with do sympathize, some even listen, understand and empathize. But it is an illusion that sharing unburdens you of your grief. It is only a mirage that eases your pain temporarily. Not permanently.

Permanent relief only starts the day you bear the total responsibility of your grief. It is only when you grieve enough about it to yourself, touch the rock bottom, accept and hug it as yours, the process of self-healing starts. You heal and your soul evolves. Overshadowing it with temporary distractions is not the key, acceptance is.

So accept your grief, hug it and watch it blend into your colour making your shade a stronger and a deeper one.

– Swati Prakash

Published by swatiprakash14

A Writer who loves Writing, Travelling, Reading and Coffee. In that order.

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