The Festering Feminism

The prejudice are we the him and the hers
We who set the edicts, the laws and the rules.
Upon her have bestowed a chauvinist curse;
A life breathing silently amidst the bigotry fools.
The endurance of norms to win social respect,
The chivalry earned by her oppressed presence.
The tag of multi-culturally sensitive and politically correct,
The stiff upper lip adding to her abiding acquiescence.
Though we hold the common contemporary visions;
The reality continues to remain as good as gold.
Feminism and empowerment are mere facades,
The old customs and practices too bold to mould.
It is the outlook that needs a constant change;
Overlook the sex and you'll find a human brain!

- Swati Prakash

18 Replies to “The Festering Feminism”

  1. Excellent writing with the appropriate use of words Swati. Your writing has a never ending impact on the readers.Keep writing.

  2. It’s like hammering the slumberous, so-called chivalrous mind with the might of a pen.
    “Overlook the sex and you’ll find a human brain!” steals the show!

    1. Thank you, Sagar! All this coming from a writer himself means everything! πŸ™πŸ˜Œβ™₯οΈπŸ’œ

  3. Lovely thought and amazing writing. Swati you are really a true player of words. Your writings are very practical and logical. Worth reading. Keep growing.

  4. Excellent writing… This is an art of getting into human brains and make them think like the way you think…

  5. So beautifully written and such ecstatic words. Loved every bit of itβ™₯️

  6. “The old customs and practices too bold to mould.”
    So rightly said…love this one..concise yet so impactful!

  7. Swati!! Amazingly written. Just wonderful ❀️❀️

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