Battling against Covid is Secondary; our primary battle is against Covidiots

In this quarantined world, where we have practically transformed ourselves into warriors warring against this stubborn, neonate yet intelligent genus – Covid, with masks, sanitisers, social distancing and isolation; there inhabits an entirely alien species – Covidiots existing, living and breathing amongst us that has taken the virus itself by storm. Looking at which even the Covid goes like—

Am la joke to ou?ß-

Recently I came across a case in Mumbai where an infected member of the family even after being symptomatic, threw caution to the wind and continued living with his family and routine. Moreover, he did not inform the society nor the neighbours about his symptoms. After 5 to 6 days when he finally decided to drag his arse and got himself tested for Covid which by the way was positive, it was the BMC crew that brought it to everyone’s notice. In 2 to 3 days post his quarantining, his neighbours started showing similar symptoms. Moreover, one of them because of his age factor and multiple complications was even hospitalised.

For your information, he is a well educated male with educational degrees enough to get him a job as a manager in a reputed bank.

His intelligence quotient makes me–

According to palaeontology, we are highly intelligent primates that have become the dominant species ever evolved on Earth. But is this the onset of devolution? Or an evolution of some unknown genus that’s festering our logic and common sense without any parameters to detect or measure the same? Actually, stupidity is as old as the human race itself.

Keeping aside the satire, technically, it has been four months, since the outbreak of the pandemic and the media has not stopped blaring the news–symptoms, precautions, or whatsoever.

The foremost being–

In case you feel symptomatic, immediately get yourself tested for Covid.

Yet many living in their own imaginary parallel universe perceive it as–

In case you feel symptomatic, go partying hoping that the virus magically transfers. Isolation, what’s that?

People, that’s not how the infection works. It doesn’t get transferred. It spreads. Keeping you in the loop and forming a never-ending chain. 

And you know what, it might. It might get wiped out of your system one day. But, what you fail to understand is, it will end up infecting someone for whom the end result won’t be the same as you. The virus might end up vanishing life out of their system altogether.

To many who will come running to me with highly-priced tests and the poverty issues in the country, hold your horses for the above section of satire isn’t directed to them.

This is just one of the many. The list seems eternal. Not donning the mask at all because suffocation, hanging the mask on the ear to dry because chutzpah, wearing mask on the upper lip because why not, pulling the mask entirely down over the chin because that’s how you are supposed to wear it, crowding the places because we can, not following the rules of social distancing, etc.

To those thinking of this as a scam. Maybe it is, but what’s the harm in wearing a mask or abiding by the rules of social distancing. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

We are in the middle of a pandemic, experiencing and adjusting to a whole new lifestyle that’s taking a toll on our mental, physical, social and economic life. But there exists a species with the same form as we do, minus brains of course, that does not rationalise or resonate with the scenario. And yes, they are indeed helping us, helping us to join the list of the extinct species.

With the advent of the unlock 2, we need to be ultra-aware of these species who can’t absorb logic and common sense. To begin with, if you see someone without wearing a mask in a crowded place, just start running at breakneck speed in the opposite direction.

This is not to enlighten you to be the change you want to see in the world or to adjust the focus on the do’s and the don’ts. If you are smart enough to read, you are smart enough to understand. All you have to do is stop being the damsel in distress and start looking for the Alexander hidden within.

Before we find a cure to any more viruses, we desperately need a permanent vaccine to control the spread and reach of the genus – stupidity and before stimulating the immunity, a medicine to strengthen the common sense. All your degrees, education and merits run to waste in the absence of common sense. How difficult is it to make our minds understand the grievance of the issue? Probably until we burn our fingers or our close one feels the pang of it.

A wise man once said–

“Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the universe.

10 Replies to “Battling against Covid is Secondary; our primary battle is against Covidiots”

  1. Its really a good read 👏🙏
    As we periodically update our gadgets with latest software, wish there is a way to update common sense among such people as its no more common.
    Also as a society, we should show more empathy. One of the reason such people don’t come out is due to the fear of feeling left out from society with Covid tag. Keeping safe distance should be adhere but not distancing ourselves.

  2. Love your Sarcastic undertones… and awesome writing as always!

  3. Crux of the matter is our ‘chalta hai’ attitude is only beneficial to the virus, not us.
    Situation narrated is quite common and most of us can relate to it.
    You have done excellent job. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Well written! To be honest, I’m fed up. Can nothing be done about these idiots? Cz at the moment it’s like pouring water on a duck’s back 😓

    1. We all are. It is like never-ending game of snakes and ladders! 🙄 Thank you so much, Clementina! Means a lot! Keep reading! 🙂 😌💜♥️🙏

  5. This is so well written. This aptly describes the level of stupidity that exists in our societies. I wish there were some pills for common sense that these idiots could have.

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