Universe and Me!

The thought crawled alive
In the dead of the night,
Rambled my thinking,
And gripped my mind,
A mystery to ponder upon
In the daylight,
An enigmatic reality
Or merely
A delusion of a kind;
What are we beyond
Flesh and blood,
Are we something more
Or merely a mesh of ash in the mud?
Or what looks like a connection
Is merely a theory
Based on unrealistic assumption?
If you look at it the way I do,
You can see
What I can see through,
Our veins
Like the stroke
Of a lightning bolt,
Like stars shinning
Over the horizon afloat;
The creases on our palm,
The layers of a sediment,
Our fingerprints
Like the net woven out of
The time and space regiment;
The question still holds the same,
What are we without
Our hearts and brains,
Are we some intricate souls,
Or simply emotions leaping over
The five dimensions
Switching our roles?
How long do these
Ruthless emotions work,
Is it an absolute, a relative
Or simply a distilled perception?
Is this life an atonement
Of the curse,
Or actually a blessing,
A smaller part
Of the bigger universe?
What's heart without a soul
And a soul without a connection,
The mystery lies in the
Depths of time and space dimension,
And into the depths
Of the Universe I go,
I lose my mind
And find my soul!

“Hand me a pen and watch me carve an entire Universe.”

– Swati Prakash

4 Replies to “Universe and Me!”

  1. Best of all.
    I never thought I would have my favourite from you. Because each piece was a gem.
    But I changed my mind after reading this. It had my heart captive ❤

  2. Micro and macro!! Beautiful comparison😇

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