A Day in the History of Prada

14th September, 2063

“Do you want to see how it feels?”

She screeches through the pain caused by a slit in her right arm. Her words a muffled expression against the breezes blowing across her face.

“Sure. I would love to. I want to see if I can endure it. Or if you are just being a crybaby.”

She long presses the picochip implanted behind her left ear and scanning it with her left index finger detaches it before turning off her smartband.

He mimics her and detaches the picochip, slipping it off from behind his ear.

“Here. Take this.”

“Are you sure?”

She groans in pain with tears welled up in her eyes.

“Yes. I’m sure.”

He answers holding her agonizing gaze.

They deftly exchange their picochips and cautiously pose the exchanged ones behind their ears.

She long presses her left index finger behind his left ear, scanning the chip as it clicks and activates under his skin.

He imitates her as the chip clicks to life behind her ear.

“Are you ready?”

He enquires mischievously cocking his left brow at her.

“Yes! Liberate me from the pain, Mister”, she hisses derisively gritting her teeth.

“So, here we go!”

Switching on her smartband, she syncs it to her chip changing the settings to

“physical only”
(Choosing pain from the types of feelings – pain and pleasure)
Range – 10 meters (10-100m)
Intensity to 100%.

A subtle dash of warmth kindles and smoothes down his neck heating up his entire body and steadily relieves her from the pain as the illusionary cut on his right arm stings and singes layered below his flawless skin.

“Ow! Ouch!”

He wails as the pain ignites and infuses through the scratch making it unbearable for him. He covers his right arm with his free palm and presses the wound hard to suppress the feeling, shrieking all the while,

“Take this thing back! I can’t deal with it.”

“I was being a crybaby, right? Now who’s being a crybaby? At least I didn’t squeal my lungs out.”

She jeers stepping away from him.

“Come back right now!”

He screams at the top of his lungs scurrying towards her.

“No way! And yes, catch me if you can! Ohh wait, with that sluggish walk it will take you ages to chase me! Let alone turn off the smartband!”

She yells with a pretentious cadence, roaring with a laughter that echoes through the auditorium.

1 Comment

  1. Interesting read, me likey o Talented One. I have two piece of feedback.
    1. Her words a muffled expression against the breezes blowing across her face. – this line seems off, I dont know how to articulate it, ebbs the flow.

    2. I am a little lost on/if one of them is a android??? If the idea is to keep me guessing, its awesome, but context I feel is left out.


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