The Colour of my Dream

What’s the colour of your dream?
Is it yellow, pink, green or black
Or is it simply white, like a canvas that’s blank?

Is it Pacific with a depth of an ocean,
Or simply azure
Like a boundless sky?

Is it Amber with a warmth of an autumn
Or simply Golden
Like a molten gild?

Is it Jade with a richness of a meadow
Or simply Beryl
Like an emerald green?

Is it Dark with a thickness of a night
Or simply Inky
Like a twilight gleam?

Close your eyes and let it glow,
The colour of your dominance
Draped in a mystical snow,

If you see a Raging Red, stop right there,
For it isn’t a mere Dream
But a Fire that is burning bare,

It’s your pulsing Passion that’s playing the role,
Inside your body,
Your mind and your soul,

No matter the shade
It is the dream that counts
Don’t let it bleed until it turns
A Crimson Brown,

Now is the time that you let it go,
On your blank canvas
That was white once, let it bleed, let it flow,

It’s then when you’ll know the truth,
Passion is no different
Than the colourful dream you overlooked,

That’s what I did and now they say,
When I put my pen to paper
Magic slays!

– Swati Prakash

8 Replies to “The Colour of my Dream”

  1. Motivating yet soothing like a lullaby ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I loved this soulful and colorful poem

  2. Mmmmuuuuaaaahhhhhh
    I’m falling short for the words to describe this masterpiece ❤️❣️

  3. Wow!!! That’s all I can say. You’ve made me fall in love with colours all over again.

  4. I love the vibrancy which your words bring out on these colors, leaving a lot to the imagination of the reader. Well written! ♥️

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