Lost… And found!

A state deeper than we think it is; deeper than it feels. A state that’s undefined, infinite and eternal. A state whose existence is a perpetual loop with everyone holding their own rock bottoms; everyone having their own shallows.

A word that reminds you of a vacuum, a void. An inseparable, inevitable, void. A void that either sinks and drowns you or helps you to float and survive.

Something that dawns upon you new levels of depth everytime you think you have reached your rock bottoms. Like a bending sky, a horizon.

It holds true until you realize that it’s merely an illusion. It drags you down to your core, your true self, before you ricochet with a pronounced power, vigour and strength. It leaves you to get lost, until you can’t get lost anymore. It is the lost in you that makes you unstoppable, indomitable.

The word, the state that defines who you are, who you mould into but it no longer holds power over you. It is when you lose everything that you find yourself with each one of us having the own version of its definition. A word without which the word ‘found’ would lose all its existence; it is something the word ‘found’ owes everything to.

They are like darkness and light. Everything is connected. One fades and the other rises.

– Swati Prakash

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