M stands for Mother

Happy Mother’s Day!

Diana's Red Book

“Hey mamma, I’m home.”
I dump my bag and sit on the chair catching a breath.

She nods as she prays silently. I catch some whispering terms, sacred and pure. Her lips moving, her eyes closed, palms of her hands locked, fingers interwoven.

But the astounding thing is her face.
Her face is relax. Peaceful. Calm.
No worries mar her face. No tension. No demons to haunt.

That’s when I notice.
She’s got wrinkles. And baby white hair. I frown. Why I am noticing these things now? Sure they didn’t grow within a day.

“You are busy with your so-called life.” The little angel on my right shoulder mocks me.
“Oh hush,” the little devil speaks back.

But, the little angel is right. I’ve been busy. With life. With phone. With social life. Is that really a life? Tired I remove myself from the chair and go ahead to fresh…

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