My Muse – My Rhythm, My Blues

A dire dilemma
Surfaced my thoughts
Combined with distress
My words toppled
And were lost

In the depths
Of the Universe
A little pixie with more dust
Unknown to my eye
The bestial let alone the unjust

My fingers fell silent
Hands felt numb
My mind
A chamber of thoughts
Ran over by a hurricane

Putting pen to paper
Had never been worst
Mind, a cistern full of thoughts
Eagerly waiting to satisfy its lust

Caged were my words
Entrapped in a soul
A soul beautifully surreal
From the whole world

Name-checked as my muse
It held hostage my multiple lives
My Twenty-six warriors
Danced and demised
Before my bleak blank eyes

The loss was too much for me to bear
Like descending desires
Window-dressed in a Mayfair

Oblivion to the agony
My Muse chose to disbelieve
Something it knew
Yet too scared to relive

Irony spat in my face
The captor donned
His armour
The rescuer had a similar grace

To liberate my power
my world, estrange
I embraced my words
Stranger than the strange!

That feeling left me soar
Like love does to a
Scarlet whore

My dreams stuck in a maze
Cackled a cacophony
Through a black-mirrored blaze

Darkness dawned
Brightness blustered and burned
My words jazzed to an emotion
Intensely shunned

It failed to catch my eye
But caught my Soul
Only to drop it from a cliff
Into a boundless, black hole!

– Swati Prakash

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  1. Well written. Seems from the soul. Loved it.

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