The Boundless Horizon

A tale told
In yonks,
Narrated yet again,

Putting soul into
The Immortals,
Animism disdained,

A tale between
The Sky,
And how
The Earth below
Standing ten feet high,

With a cracking crow
Of a magpie,
Were jinxed and cursed
By an Evil Eye,

“Let’s rip apart”, said
The Sky,
Seamlessly sliding
Across the Universe
Stretching far and wide,

Over the mountains,
And the oceans that glide,
Screaming it’s existence
Sitting light years below the tide,

The Earth,
Deadly and Divine,
An existence
Holding souls pristine,

Crawling and creeping
Over kingdom and reign,
Covering everything
With a distilled shine,

It’s a spark that lit them alike,
Spreading into a forest fire
Before burning them alive,

Love, the rescuer
Heard the crackling cringe,
Pour soul into a wrecking,
Writhing wringe,

Love alone
Stood incomplete,
As both held their stances
With nowhere to meet,

Not a clue, nor a cue
For either
To place their feet,
Someone was needed
To turn the beat,

There came Hope
Like a lightning fling,
Bound them both
To an illusionary string,

An Halo of Hope,
A Dangerous being,
Yet beautiful
To rely on,
This wildly naive thing,

Down the ground
Went they,
Surrendering the crown
Galloping the ego at bay
Rekindling the renown,

Quoth Hope,
In a smoldering sigh,

“With the Unison
Of the Earth
And the Sky,

A Horizon will evolve
Cutting the hive,
Fading when touched upon,
The illusion so born
Will die,”

A point of salvation
For those beings,
Where the Sky bends a little,
And the Earth curves until,

They form a mirage
Looking upon which,
Everything will seem
At a Standstill!

– Swati Prakash

The wanderers of life are made of earth and sky. They see the universe with stars in their eyes.

– Christy Ann Martine

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