Love – A Hallucination

I held on to my imagination
The words that were never said, Actions were enough to scream its existence
I thought of the colour of love as red,

Now that I see it all in serendipity
Only then I can see,
I was captivated by a blurred vision
The vision that wore a shining armour mirroring me,

The girl stood in sheer silence
And bore a smirky smile,
Blankly staring back in horrid
The unvoiced questions poked me through her smirk all the while,

“What are you waiting for?
How long will it take?
Is this right? Or merely
Are your feelings at stake?”

My mind tossed up and shattered to pieces,
As reality coughed its survival bouts,
Nothingness knew where to hit me right
The night drowned me into a pool of thoughts.

– Swati Prakash

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