An Open Letter to those who are trying to alter My Life.

At times you are caught in a dire dilemma and there’s noone you can talk to about it in this delusional world. It’s because you know the outcomes that would sprang all over and you would rather choose to live in that little misunderstanding that’s still yours than to face the truth that belongs to someone else and their perception of viewing your dilemma.

Maybe they are right in their individual course of time and experiences. They fail to understand that even if it ends up being wrong, it’ll still be mine.

My mistake, my experience, my choice, my misunderstanding, my sorrow, my regret, my guilt, my hurt, my pain. Something I could call exclusively mine and irrevocable in this materialistic world.

So, all those of you who belong to this creed, take those chances disguised as “wrong choices” for even the universe doesn’t know about those being right or wrong. Nothing is predefined in this universe. Choices are relative and are based on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. And, and, and… The Universe has better things to do.

So let your decisions flow may those be wrong or right and shut the opinions of those who don’t matter or won’t suffer with you in your loss. Because it’s a process and unless you have some wrong ones piled by your side as experiences, your life as a process will always remain stagnant.

– Swati Prakash

10 Replies to “An Open Letter to those who are trying to alter My Life.”

  1. i have tonnes of doubts on this.
    i support the fact that one should take ones own decision. right or wrong. and also your choice of words are good as always.
    but i have my own questions to this….

  2. Right or wrong, decisions are made by us and not by the universe or nature. Indeed, The Universe has better things to do.

  3. Instead of “The universe doesn’t know about those being right or wrong.” it would be best said as “The universe is beyond your tiny right and wrong.” Maybe you wanted to say that?

    “The Universe has better things to do” has hit me hard! This one line steals the show!

    I can connect it really well as I have taken many wrong decisions in life but now I look at them, I feel a little stupid but wiser now.

    4.2/5 Rating (:P

    1. Hey Sagar! Thanks a bunch for this! Appreciate this and yes, I think that line would have done better justice. 😌β™₯οΈπŸ’œ

  4. Everyone comes on to this Mother Earth with a purpose. After one’s formative years one takes one’s own decisions. One may ponder over thoughts of others but decision making should be kept with oneself because one is responsible and accountable to oneself and to those placed under you. A well written piece Swati. Stay Blessed.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Sweetheart! And yours do the same! The recent one was superb! β™₯οΈπŸ˜πŸ’œ

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