Passion, the Power that Drives You!

It’s when your world falls and divides; splits into half, taking a completely new dimension and you can only stare there gawking. There’s nothing you can do except study the vacuum developing in front of you. You turn into an immovable smoke, held by the vacuum surrounding it. Your world shifts slightly and you only have the power to see and not to act. How mercilessly helpless you feel at that moment! But when it develops, grows into a colossal world altogether, pieces woven together, scarred but still clumped together, beautiful and mesmerizing, it miraculously takes all the pain away from you. You feel new, livened and purified. You finally connect the dots and feel relieved. The scars are seen but they only end up making you more beautiful because now you live with a realization that they no longer hold the power to wound you; something, has filled up the gaps, poured molten gold between those broken pieces and bound them together in a way you never thought is possible. That something is your passion. Stick to it like it did when you needed it the most!

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  1. I just read few of ur articles and easily got connected. I get the essence of the articles are from some tough experiences close to your heart or maybe u r such a good writer u make them look so.
    Kudos to following ur passion n creating such fine articles.

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