The Evening of Cool Water

The silence was deafening. Lying on her bed, all she heard was the buzzing of the cicadas at a distance. The buzzing strummed in her, a similar chord, a sentiment she had yenned for in months. She closed her eyes and focused on the steady, deep breaths she drew. The night was bleak, dark with a tinch of direness; the air filled with a breathable tensity that triggered her thoughts drawing her senses back to him and his titillating smell, that evening. Just a mere reminder ran a shudder through her nerves forming a pit in her belly before dispersing the energies throughout her; making the hair on her skin stand on the end, protruding her most sensitive erogenous areas.

The memories that a stranger had entombed in her, unfathomable, a pleasurable throe, churning her desires before sedimenting, like a burning fire simmering under the ashes, memories of his touch fanning the flames.

She twisted and turned in the bed with her eyes still closed, drawing circles around her navel drowning into his memories, recollecting and recreating the evening in her mind’s eye.

“Why? You never felt like getting close to someone? What is it?”

He asked, coming closer to her. His redolence mixed with his cologne – Cool Water spiked her senses and got engraved on her sub-conscious.

“Look at me. You don’t have to be ashamed of it. I’m just curious”, he lifted her chin to meet her gaze.

“Because I never felt like this before.”

“Like this?”

“Like I feel for you. You bring out the feelings that are completely alien. Your touch runs shivers down my spine. This is a newfangled feeling for me.”

She made him speechless. He couldn’t think of a prompt reply and stood there electrified, gaping at her.

The alcohol had bestowed upon her, Dutch courage that did things to her mind and unveiled and triggered all the desires like a well-shaken, uncorked bottle of champagne.

She rested her hands on his chest as she stepped closer to him. Closing her eyes and syncing her breaths with his, she smoothed her long, slender fingers around his nape, further into his hair and slowly wrapped her arms around planting a deep, long kiss on his lips.

He stood grounded to the spot as he wasn’t able to understand what was happening. When reality came gushing to his senses, a bolt of desire stroke him. The tender touch of her skin against his aroused the deep dense letch that rekindled the flame he had inside him. He felt it all alive and vivid. The moment she withdrew her hold, he curled his arms around her waist and pulled her closer than before. Holding her gaze steady with his piercing inky eyes filled with libido, he kissed her slowly and gently with all the passion he had for her, tasting, savouring every bit of her self.

She closed her eyes and gave into the feeling completely. She snaked her arms around his neck, holding him closer and tighter this time. Grazing and sucking on her lower lip, he gently invaded her mouth and explored every bit of it with his tongue. She froze as she allowed him to pour his desire – wild and strong, that filled in every bit of her void. His warm touch against her sensitive skin did things to her that she’d only dreamt of. His touch came like a fire in her darkened world; something that burned and ignited her at the same time.

His lips perfectly locked in hers, sent a jolt of current, radiating and kindling desires – building within her, she’d yearned for all her virgin years.

The honking of a horn in the distance had dragged them to their present that evening. He ended the kiss leaving her breathless and in a state of blissful numbness that did nothing to her other than expanding the void, the hollowness. Her eyes wandered restlessly over his face before she shut them gracefully and fainted in his arms.

A slight rattle on the glass window disrupted her private moment. She was jolted awake from her imagination. Marching across her bedroom she squinted through the glass window. As the night was filled with fog and haze she could only manage to view a silhouette and gasped as it waved in her direction.

“He’s here!”

She whispered under her breath as a sudden bolt of enthusiasm mixed with panic and trepidation struck her in her void.

He was still there. Leaning against the car with his arms neatly crossed across his chest; his expressions, a blur in the hazy darkness. She drew the blinds at once and switched on the lights when her phone rang illumining the space around, distracting her.

Her bedroom was still pitch black.

“Hello”, her voice husky brimmed with desperation.

“Hello, it’s me. Do you mind?”

He asked sensuously; his voice insistently inviting.

Before she could consciously deduce the consequences, her inner goddess answered in a sultry voice,

“No. I do not.”

All she wanted was to feed her inner goddess and to surrender her atonement of virginity. She merely wanted someone to make her feel what her girlfriends spoke highly of.

Carrying her phone along, she literally pranced her way through the dark; the limited light from the phone illuminating her way. She unlocked the main door.

There it was; the whiff, the redolence, of his cologne – Cool Water. She smelled him before she saw him.

He was there, standing in the dark, his back to her when the unlatching caught his attention. He turned to the chunk in the lock and she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Her desires swirling inside her like a squall. Being caught off guard, he stilled, reluctant for a moment before snaking his arms around her dainty waist pushing her into him.

“Take me in”, her inner goddess, slurred passing her the words.

Her breath hard against his neck, his redolence making her neediness hit a distinct spot. He lifted her in his arms and with a gentle push of his back against the front of the door – opening it, he led them in her bedroom as she with a steady sleight latched the door behind them.

As soon as he settled her, her warm feet against the cold of the floor, she pressed her lips against his, sucking on his lower lip as her tongue stroked his teeth. She seized his mouth with her tongue, possessing it, claiming it. Never opening her eyes, she reached for his shirt and undid the buttons.

Skimming his shirt, he took it off and dropped it to the floor. He kissed her back even harder, his tongue exploring every bit of her, tasting her as a moan escaped the back of her throat. He readily grappled the hem of her T-shirt and in one swift motion pulled it over her head, freeing her, before it joined the shirt on the floor. Running his fingers over her bare self sent tremors down her entire body; the palpable tension breathing heavy between them.

They stood there in the dark, their half-naked bodies staring at each other. His touch and smell were the only refuge to her barren desires in the inky darkness.

She stood there attuned to his presence, his warmth radiating through him, making her burn with desires. He stroked her face and ran his fingers on her lips, fondling them as he slowly slipped a finger into her mouth. Her lips enveloped his finger and sucked on it, pleasurably moaning, clenching her south.

He withdrew his finger – fully wetted with her saliva and circled it around her nipple, causing it to swell and grow big and bulgy pointing at him. He continued his luscious torture over the other, protruding and projecting it. She threw her head back in delectation and groaned as desires swirled in her belly making her aware of the sweet spot. He held her nape hauling her to him as he hovered over her lips before kissing her hard, nibbling and sucking on her lower lip. She with deft hands undid the belt buckle and unbuttoned his fly; he flinged off his jeans and underpants joining the pile. He gazed at her umbra as his hands travelled back to her nipples holding them between his fingers; he rubbed and honed them as they stiffened and hardened under his skilled touch. He planted a trail of kisses down her neck as he let his fingers glide across her torso, skimming them over the waistband of her shorts. Slipping his fingers in, he pulled them down and off her legs, as he ran his fingers down her soft, sensitive flesh, slowly and softly tantalizing her skin.

He padded towards her until they were at the edge; and shoved her, pinning her down to the bed. Kneeling astride over her, he entwined his fingers with hers and kissed her, her flavour lingering on his tongue. The tongue tangling kiss soared their desires as their bare bodies rubbed against each others’ in a measured synchronization, the friction of skin against skin, heating them up. His erection harrowing in her skin. He ended the kiss, heaving and panting, as she rolled her tongue over her parted lips soaking them more. He hovered over her neck and placed a soft kiss right behind her ear tracing kisses down her neck across her shoulders sending shudders between her legs.

She breathed him in, his smell blending with his cologne, reminding her of that evening, the kiss, the wanting, the waiting as her inner goddess stretched her arms and cracked her knuckles, getting ready for the marathon. Desires unfurl anew thickening her south, as she closed her legs and wrapped her arms around him, her nails digging in his sculpted back drawing him to her.

Reckoning her response, he crawled further down poising over her nipple, his breath steady and firm against her sensitive skin. He stuck out his tongue and circled her nipples, stiffening and hardening them. She cried in pleasure struggling against his masculinity; she bent her knees and arched her back as he continued his prolonged torture on each one of them in turn.

A quiver made its way through her senses as her urges swirled and surged a new pinnacle building her up. Her body flushed as she rolled her eyes and threw back her head, the expanding intensity radiating through her belly button down to her clitoris.

Ascertaining her reaction, he briskly reached his hand over her, cupping her entirely as he cautiously positioned his middle finger over her clitoris. Rubbing and circling her clit with one hand, he let his other hand glid down to cup her breast as he gingerly slipped his finger into her, feeling and filling her partially, his finger doused with her wetness. She whimpered and wailed under his deft touch as he thrust it deeper into her constantly hitting her sweet spot, building her up, her desires shooting higher than before.

He gazed down at her silhouette with a piercing look and muttered,

“You’re so ready, Baby”,

She opened her eyes and peeked at him as her desires welled and threatened to settle in her belly button. Taking a lightfoot leap, he climbed out of the bed and strode across where his jeans laid in a rumple along with his other clothes. Producing a packet from the back pocket of his jeans, he ripped it open before unrolling the sheath along the length of his erection. Striding back, he leaned over her astraddle and cradling her in his arms, slowly and smoothly penetrated in her; wrapping her legs around him, she gasped and screamed in pain that transformed into pleasure in a matter of seconds. He filled in her void, worshipping and satisfying her inner goddess.

She threw her arms around him, burying her nails in his flesh as he further thrust himself into her, rebuilding her, groaning and moaning in pleasure. Syncing to the rhythm, he continued striking her with his erection. She writhed under him as her lust skyrocketed before finding its release around him.

He paced up the motion, thrusting it in and out as he climbed higher and higher finally climaxing into her. He laid on the top of her as their bodies glistened in the afterglow of their passionate love making.

She breathed in his scent and blushed a shade of crimson, her breathing slow and even as she quickly drifted into a deep sedated slumber.

She woke up the next morning to the ding of her phone. Memories of the previous night came gushing even before she had opened her eyes. Half-anticipating him to be next to her, she finally opened her eyes only to find him missing. His clothes were gone too. He had left. Saddened at the thought of it, she checked her phone,

“2 unread messages” were displayed on the screen just when her doorbell rang and she hurriedly climbed out of her bed and got dressed. Putting on her clothes in a haste, she literally scrambled out with her phone. Unlocking the door, she glanced at her mobile screen,

00:47 – “You didn’t open the door. I tried ringing the doorbell too. Looks like there was a powercut. Anyway, cheerio.”

She froze in her spot.

“If he never made it here last night, who the fuck did?!”

She interrobanged herself with a series of questions. The questions vibrated and echoed loud in her conscious. The answer to every single one standing in front of her, beaming at her.

She smelled him before she saw him. The redolence, the cologne – Cool Water filling in her nostrils making her nauseous.

“Hi”, he said roguishly.

Her neighbour stood there grinning in front of her. His salacious eyes were giving away the traces from last night.

– Swati Prakash


      1. Finally, finished reading it. And I just don’t have words to comment on this. Like, I always can’t keep on commenting the same amazingly amazing always. But this something, oomph 💛 Much more than that. And the ending, wasn’t expected 👌 beautiful and sexy as always SP 😍 waah!!! Erotica at its sexy best 👌

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Beautiful imagination of the mind changed into wonderful words for others to read and imagine the same.
    So, beautiful is the sum total of your writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Saw your poll on Twitter and took steps to your blog after a very long time.

    Here it looks like you are totally nailing this quarantine time, with your amazing skill of writing.

    Awesome peace of art…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved the way how you brought the twist, There seems to inspiration in your writing for this story, from the writing style of E. L. James. However, the twist in the end was like cherry on the top, taking this read to the next level. Keep it up Swati ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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