The Night of Oceano

She stared across the hall. Her eyes glued to the revolving doors that led the posh in; meanwhile scanning the hall for any traces of his presence.

“Not yet”, she let out a much strained breath stuck in her lungs.

Swiveling, she noticed that the precinct was filled with ala modes flashing their all kinds of riches – stilettos, bodycons, sheaths, tuxes, oxfords, wingtips. She peeked down at her Bordeaux full of Oceano, her eyes wandering, ready to fix on something she had been waiting for all these years. That touch, that intensity, the passion that had stirred a burning sense of desire in her that night, still makes her weak in her knees.

He had her that night; all by himself, surrendered dripping and wet, yearning for more as he had thrust himself into her.

She tightened her grip on the Bordeaux, as the mere thought of that night made her south clench, rekindling a similar, sweet sting – her undoing deep within.

Their lips were still locked – nibbling and sucking on each other as she let out a tortured moan in the back of her throat, their tongues tangling, invading each other. He slid his hands down her waist, his sharp touch piercing through the fabric heating her body. His hands travelled further down, cupping her behind pushing her against him as his arousal brushed against the sheath’s fabric. Letting her free from his hold, he held her gaze as he slipped his thumb beneath the strap of the sheath, dropping it down at his mercy. Sliding his fingers in, he unzipped it in one swift moment, peeling it off, setting her free as her dress lied around her stiletto cladded feet in a crumpled mess. Goosebumps made their way through her entire self, causing the small hair on her arms to stand up; her cold, bare body exposed under her heated, seductive touch sending all the energies to her south; clenching it as she bit her lower lip in the contemplation of what would happen next. The thought of skin against skin filled her with new, advance desires.

“Same wine, same dress”,

The brush of his lips against her ear ignited a spark in her groin, her blood gushing through her body warming it up. The feeling pounded her heart with a rhythm she thought it would rip it out of her ribs.

She stilled, static and motionless. Her nerves a plexus getting wove around the memories of that night. She clutched her Bordeaux in lieu of closing her legs to abstain herself from surrendering to the sweet agony that seemed to have surfaced and was threatening to unfurl in her gut.

Her breath hiked and was caught in her lungs as her sub conscious became attuned to his presence. She could feel him before she could see him. Her whole body was a slave to the master in him. The hair on her neck stood giving a loud evidence of the effect his dominance had over her. Waiting to catch a glimpse of him after all these years was like an oasis in the middle of the desert although a part in her just wanted to flee off without having to face any of these blend of emotions – anxiety, curiosity, anticipation, fear, pleasure, attachment, attraction, ecstasy. In spite of the storm swirling in her mind tangling and untangling her emotions, her passion and desire turn her limbs into a Jell–O and she stayed there without moving a muscle.

Staring into space with thoughts from that night, she waited in silence for him to make his next move.

“I missed you”, he added as he ran the back of his hand over her cheek.

A sweat trickled down her spine as the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of what she had yearned for in all these years. That ravishing look, that mischievous smile plastered on those irresistible lips, those broad shoulders, firm hands and a pair of eyes with oceanic depths hidden in them.

She gawked at him with her mouth forming a big ‘O’ as his words managed to manoeuvre their way into her conscious.

“You are all I want. All of you. You are mine. Only mine…”,

His words echoed and drifted off into the limited space of the Grand Paradise as her senses finally went numb. All they were super vigilant to, were the memories of that night…

Walking her down to the end of the bed he pushed and pinned her; never leaving her gaze, he crawled over her, undressing her desires through his piercing sight.

“Look at me”, he ordered, as she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure rolling them to the back of her head. Her eyes immediately obliged to his command, opening up, her lashes batting in anticipation.

Closing the distance between them he smiled against her lips; her body blushing and turning warm by his actions. Lips against lips ran shivers down her entire self, making her blood flush and gush, sending sensations to every bit of her body.

Moving away from her lips he gazed down at her from beneath his eyelashes and without even blinking once, he whispered in her ear, his lips scarcely brushing against her ear as he spoke, “I want the whole of you. Do you want that too?”

Without even waiting for a conscious decision that involved reasoning by her senses, she nodded the slightest of the nods, followed by a hissy, seductive, “yess”, looking straight into his eyes holding his gaze. He smiled his heart-melting, delicious-looking, ravishing smile as he entwined his fingers around hers, filling in the gaps, gazing at her intently. With the same grace and finesse that his looks held, he positioned himself over her astride as he hovered over her lips teasing her, not allowing her to kiss him building up her desires. A moan escaped the back of her throat as her body arched under the skilled touch that caressed her breast forming circles around her nipple, stiffening it, making it hard and protruding as he cupped it in his hands and continued with his pleasurable torture. He pressed his lips against hers once again, pouring all the passion and desire he’d forbore into the kiss, their bare torsos brushing against each other in a rhythmical motion. She gripped his shoulders savouring the moment, busy contemplating and trying to draw in as much as she could.

He ended the kiss, kissing the corner of her mouth and trailed kisses down her neck and over her shoulders. She moaned as her pleasure and desires soared to a new pinnacle. She shifted a little as his kisses made their way through her neckline, all over her clavicle as he moved down lining them right above her breasts. Her body shivered and trembled out of anticipation of what could follow next. With her eyes still closed and his hardness stroking her slightly, she remembered the effect of his touch on her breasts and thought the sweet damage his lips could incur on them. She held his shoulders to steady herself as he glanced at her before kissing her breasts. A mesmerizing shudder ran down her, through and through directing all the energies to her south as his lips touched her breasts. He curved his hands around her breasts, kissing and sucking on her nipples, making them harder than before. Quavering under his flawless skills, she let out a seductive moan unable to contain her building desires. He half-smiled against her body and continued to exercise his exemplary skills, taking her moaning, her desires and her wants to a new apical. She dug her fingers in his chiseled muscles to slow him down from whatever he was up to. Her hands ran through his hair, holding it, pulling at the ends. Her breathing was rapid and uneven; her breasts were sinking and rising in sync with her breaths. He travelled further down from her breasts tracing soft kisses on her upper waist sliding his index finger circling her navel, making her to shift and move. “Steady Sweetheart, steady”, he ordered mischievously, sliding his fingers down her soft, sensitive flesh, slowly and softly tantalizing her skin. He breathed against her naked skin; his warm, uneven breaths levitating over her waist before planting soft kisses along her waistline.

Gliding his hands steadily down her thighs, passing her with heavenly sensations, he splayed her legs and positioning them on his shoulders astride, he kissed her inner thighs before going down on her, forming and building up the wants inside her. Her legs shuddered and convulsed as his lips and adept tongue went down kissing, licking and sucking every bit of her, invading her and exploring her insides as she closed her eyes rolling them into the back of her head in immense pleasure. He freed himself; the hardness of his shaft rubbed against her skin burying in her, sending sensations down her groin. She inhaled sharply and rolled her eyes as he pushed himself into her slowly. Her lips quavered and she pulled at the covers as he forged inside her, filling her insides; setting a rhythm – slow and steady, covering all her desires, passion, wants and needs. She arched her back and splurged her entire bout of desire into the kiss, reserving a right on him, claiming him with whatever she felt that night. Her soaring desires were soon going to find their release just when she grabbed the Bordeaux glass on the bedside table to steady her and it came clattering down to the floor.

The shattering of the glass down on the floor of her bedside table shattered her dream too and her conscious self – came rushing back to reality. Even with her eyes wide open her body was still holding the same stance. Her legs closed and crossed, her desires twirling in her insides, tingling and teasing her as they dwindled their way out of her body through her waking self.

“What the hell was that about?!”

She interrobanged and closed her eyes in wild exasperation only to open them to the ding of her iPhone.

Tomorrow evening at Grand Paradise @8. HE will be there too. Wear your lucky sheath dress. *wink* *wink*

She gaped at the message in utter disbelief as her eyes strolled across the room to rest on the bottle of Oceano sitting peacefully on her nightstand.


  1. I guess I read this after I read its sequel, but both are quite….. effective. You’ve got a way with your words, they are sensual, reading you feels like sipping on a glass of very potent frothy aphrodisiac.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I surely will. Very few people write erotica as good as this. Also as I said, reading serious practical philosophy from you would be great too. Also some non-romantic poetry (something like Invictus).

        Liked by 1 person

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