Love Needs a New Name

Altered are we all
In such a way
Failing to see the obvious
Devoured by false fame,

A tad practical
Collated with insane,

On this globe of
Judgemental Hypocrites,

Love needs a new name,

Where reality, a shield worn
For every excruciating pain,

Where other emotions
Remain untouched,
In a Pandora Box
Locked and chained,

Where love is laughed upon
Hate is proclaimed,

Amidst this onlookers
With cast-iron negativities,

Love needs a new name,

Through bioscope of practicality
An emotion lost its fame,
Over the centuries
It adulterated and changed,

Burn it to ashes,
Let a Phoenix be born
To be blamed,

In this world
Where Hate, Anger
And Jealousy,
Are still the same,

Love needs a new name…

– Swati Prakash

Published by swatiprakash14

A Writer who loves Writing, Travelling, Reading and Coffee. In that order.

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