Fuck ups and Life

Fuck ups are important. You need to fuck up once in a while to know exactly where you are, who you are. It is the lesson learnt after the fuck up that holds you back from landing in hot waters. Fuck ups solve all your existential crisis. Fuck ups help you to grow, to foster. Fuck ups set a benchmark for your actions. They are your saviours; your rock bottoms. They help you to discover those abysmal depths in you, you never knew you had. It is only when you hit those rock bottoms can you bounce back with a new, pronounced self; a new, improvised you. Fuck ups help you to gain the momentum you need to hit your rock bottoms. The more you face them, the faster you hit and bounce back. You cannot avoid, ignore or cut them out of your life. They are your life’s earnings and the only way to overcome is to get through them. You don’t have to solve all your fuck ups overnight. You needn’t feel remorseful for being where you are. It is just one small step you need to focus on at a given point in time. Life is all about taking steps. One small step, slowly and lightly, and you are there.

– Swati Prakash

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