Sinful Saviours – Words

Nothingness gripped me
as I penned down
my thought,
Subtly and slowly
whirling the wrath,

They twisted, twirled,
boasted a little high,
Causing ripples
and disappearing
over the brim,

Little did I know
they were mocking
at me,
Giggling, laughing,
my words
at their mercy,

Time ticked,
the paper still blank,
My words
begging and pleading,
breathing through
the wreck,

Thoughts like fireflies
glowed in the dark,
Vanishing in the lights
relapsed into their arch,

Determination swept
through me,
my words no more a mess,
They synced perfectly in
my thoughts’notorious jest,

Holding my pen strong
down I wrote a tale,
A tale told in yonks
reiterated yet again,

Pen is mightier
than sword,
bragged the finest,
My words echoed
through my thoughts,
smiling the smile wisest.

– Swati Prakash

12 Replies to “Sinful Saviours – Words”

      1. Nicely conveyed 👍🏻
        Words can be harsh, can save or put someone in trouble. It depends how you maneuver between the fine lines and you certainly have master the skill.

  1. “My words echoed
    through my thoughts,
    smiling the smile wisest”

    Worthy of quoting!! Another masterstroke!

  2. Another masterpiece!
    Been through the writer’s block.
    I know how it feels. It’s very tricky to deal with it. Determination is required but without pushing it too much. So I close the work, step out and play with those society kids, thinking I was never a writer.

    Then, a new current of fresh thoughts comes rushing. Still I hold my self from bouncing back, when those thoughts touch the bottom and settle on the flatbed, I let my mind stiffen and grab them. Then determination kicks in.

    Creative juice is back!

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