GenZ & Feelings, in a nutshell

     iGen typically known as GenZ is complicating the fundamentals of being in love where they’re thinking of it being extraordinary, love is extremely basic, unless you’re a poet or a writer. It’s everything from attachment, compatibility and zingy attractions to contradictions, arguments and zesty compromises. Everything. Inclusive.
     Somewhere down, towards the bottom of the hierarchy, our upbringing and the omnipresent silverscreen is responsible in feeding their minds with the false concepts of love. They are expecting it to be something totally different from the obvious, that it would make them start seeing the world differently, that it would make their life colourful and more prominent, that it would start making them like anything and everything about life, that even the dull days would start looking brighter, that it would only be the person you’re in love with, you would think of making all “fairytaling-ly” pleasant, “that you would start singing duets with your partner in exotic locations” , hang on you all, we’re talking about being in love and not being high on drugs. If you expect the wall to be painted pink with a brush that’s dipped in black, you’re goofy. You’ll only get the things from love that love has to offer. If you want something else, sorry to disappoint, but you’re looking for it in a wrong place.
     Of course, some of the above mentioned things do happen. Most definitely, yes. Nevertheless, your life too goes on. And it’s more about the understanding of each other’s differences rather than spending happy, pleasant times. It’s more about compromising one thing for them and letting them the time to understand and respect until they make a compromise much needed for you. It’s about initiating a lot of things without keeping a track of any and also about fostering each other’s egos. It’s a balance between respect and understanding. It’s to be together and gently accept the innumerable differences, hating them for a lot of things but loving them more for a couple of things.
     Love is magical but it won’t share its magic right away; you’ve to be patient, stubborn and determined enough to hold on against all odds and let it rise over all differences and above.
     Lastly, it’s about understanding and accepting that every love is different and has something to offer from its set of offerings. Maybe your relationship would have something that theirs’ don’t, and theirs’ something yours don’t. And that’s completely all right.
     As correctly said by F. Scott Fitzgerald –
     There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.

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