Chapter 24

Ashi and Rihaan stayed in the same stance for the next few minutes that seemed like eternity. Ashi didn’t loosen her hold on him, instead she held him tighter with every passing minute and Rihaan didn’t make her to. Both of them knelt on the kitchen floor hugging each other without uttering a single word. It’s as if Ashi’s sobs and all the crying weren’t for a solo, mono reason. It felt like she’s a lot of dammed up emotions that’d bared themselves under this colossal one. Rihaan straightened a little, regained his senses and in one swift movement carried Ashi in his arms only to rest her on the kitchen platform, in the next. He drew his body away from her so that her agonized face was now facing his, directly. Ashi didn’t meet his gaze. But Rihaan seemed to have borne his eyes into her. He lingered his sight over her troubled face and after staring at her intently for one long minute, he cupped her face in his warm hands and drew her lips to his, kissing them gently. The softness and the warmness of them amazed him. He felt like he’s kissing her for the first time. A fresh kiss; totally different and alien from the last one.

It’s just a mere touch of his lips on hers that seemed to have run a zing of an electric spark through her whole body. It’s like a comatose had suddenly been pumped in with the nectar of immortality and had sprung back to life. A kiss that was supposed to be a mere touch of lips was deepened unexpectedly. Her hands immortally laying on her either sides seemed to have gained a supernatural, alien power; the fingers of her left hand crawled their way up his neck, holding it at the nape, while the other found its way to his hair pulling it slightly as she further pressed her lips against his, burying herself into him, deepening the kiss. Every. Single. Moment. Rihaan withdrew for a brief second, snaked his arms around her dainty, curvy waist and pulling her closer to himself, wrapping and covering her in his arms, started kissing her anew, sucking on her lower lip as if feeding from it. Sitting astride and having her body fully cloaked and veiled under his warm touch; Rihaan noticed that her former shivering – terrified had ceased completely. The current shivering was governed and was a complete slave of his expert touch. Ashi had completely submerged and buried herself into him. Her senses, mind, body, soul everything was colonized and directed by the moment, by Rihaan. All she knew and understood was – she’s in the arms of the only man she’d possibly loved to this extent. She didn’t know what this would turn out to be, where this might take her, never once thought about this being bad or regretting about it the next day. She’s living in the moment and so was he!

With their lips still locked – nibbling and sucking on each other and tongues tangling, invading each other, Rihaan slid his hands down her waist and slowly slipped them under the hem of her T- shirt holding her by her waist touching her skin; his thumbs forming circles on her bare skin. Her cold body shivered under his warm, seductive touch sending all the energies to her south, making her south clench. Goosebumps made their way through her entire self, causing the small hair on her arms to stand up. Skin against skin filled her with new, advance desires. Rihaan waited his lips still on hers, in silence for Ashi to flinch or move away from him. But to his surprise and to Ashi’s surprise too, she didn’t flinch or drove him away; she further thrusted herself into him, rubbing her body against him, her bosom slightly striking against his chest. Rihaan gauged her response and sliding her hands out, he grabbed her T-shirt by the hem and in one single moment without even letting her lips part his for a second, took off her T-shirt setting her free.

For the first time since he’d touched her today, she smiled against his lips, her body blushing and turning warm by his actions, just like his face.

The thought that Rihaan was viewing her bare breasts and was possibly going to view her naked self – someone finally made it there after all these years, ran shivers down her entire self, making her blood flush and gush, sending sensations warming every bit of her body.

Rihaan moved away from her lips that made Ashi to loosen her hold on him and she rested her palms on his chest. Gazing down at her from beneath his eyelashes without even blinking once, he whispered in her ear, his lips scarcely brushing against her ear as he spoke, “I want the whole of you, Ashi. But not here. I want you in bed. Do you want that too?”

Without even waiting for a conscious decision that involved reasoning by her senses, Ashi nodded the slightest of the nods, followed by a hissy, seductive, “yess”, looking straight into his eyes holding his gaze. Rihaan smiled his heart-melting, delicious-looking, ravishing smile and sliding his hands beneath her thighs that’d become cold being on the kitchen platform all this while he lifted her up and off the platform in one swift, grabbing them firmly. Ashi snaked her arms around his neck, holding him closer and started kissing him, invading his mouth with her tongue. Rihaan reciprocated it without loosening his hold on her and carried her all the way from the kitchen to her bedroom.

Rihaan entered Ashi’s bedroom, back first – pushing the door by his back carrying her with him. Placing her on the bed, he held her hand and entwined his fingers around hers, filling in the gaps, gazing at her intently since the moment their bodies were separated; he pushed her gently resting her back on the bed. His sight never left hers, nor did anything else around seem to have had him distracted. With the same grace and finesse that he carried in his walk, he positioned himself over her astride and grabbing the hem of his T-shirt, took it off his head in a jiffy. He leaned over her balancing his weight on his forearm and crawled his fingers along the waistband of her shorts moving them up while stroking her skin. At the same time he hovered over her lips teasing her, not allowing her to kiss him building up her desires. She half-closed her eyes as her body shivered and tensed under his skilled touch. A moan escaped the back of her throat as his supple fingers caressed her breast forming circles around her nipple, stiffening it, making it hard and protruding as he cupped it in his hands and continued with his pleasurable torture. He pressed his lips against hers once again, pouring all the passion, desire and love he’d forbore into the kiss, their bare torsos brushing against each other in a rhythmical motion. Ashi gripped his shoulders unable to decide where to place her hands or what should be her move when this happens. But Rihaan seemed to have gauged it in advance, as she fiddled and fumbled while placing her hands on him. She’s too occupied with all new desires to think of anything currently. She’s busy savouring the moment, busy contemplating and trying to draw in as much as she could. All she knew was – how to kiss and she’s doing that with all her heart, mind and soul.

Rihaan ended the kiss, kissing the corner of her mouth and trailed kisses down her neck and over her shoulders. Ashi moaned as her pleasure and desires soared to a new pinnacle. She shifted a little as his kisses made their way through her neckline, all over her clavicle as he moved down lining them right above her breasts. Her body shivered and trembled out of anticipation of what could follow next. With her eyes still closed and his hardness stroking her slightly, she remembered the effect of his touch on her breasts and thought the sweet damage his lips could incur on them. Ashi held his shoulders to steady herself as Rihaan glanced at her before kissing her breasts. A mesmerizing shudder ran down her, through and through directing all the energies to her south as his lips touched her breasts. He curved his hands around her breasts, kissing and sucking on her nipples, making them harder than before. Quavering under his flawless skills, Ashi arched her back in pleasure as she let out a moan unable to contain her building desires. Rihaan half-smiled against her body and continued to exercise his exemplary skills, taking her moaning, her desires and her wants to a new apical. Ashi dug her fingers in his chiseled muscles to slow him down from whatever he was up to. But Rihaan was taken over by the new highs, as if she’s the only woman he’s supposed to be devoted to and fulfilling her desires is his only task. Ashi’s hands travelled up from his shoulders into his hair, holding it, pulling at the ends. Her breathing was rapid and uneven; her breasts were sinking and rising syncing with her breaths. Rihaan travelled further down from her breasts tracing soft kisses on her upper waist sliding his index finger along the waistband of her shorts, making her to shift and move. “Steady Ashi, steady.” Rihaan mischievously ordered, slipping his fingers in her shorts and pulling it down and off her legs; he ran his fingers down her soft, sensitive flesh, slowly and softly tantalizing her skin. He breathed against her naked skin; his warm, uneven breaths levitating over her waist before planting soft kisses along her waistline.

Gliding his hands steadily down her thighs, passing her with heavenly sensations, he splayed her legs and positioning them on his shoulders astride, he kissed her inner thighs before going down on her, forming and building up the wants held inside her all these years. Her legs shuddered and convulsed as his lips and adept tongue went down kissing, licking and sucking every bit of her, invading her and exploring her insides as she closed her eyes rolling them into the back of her head in immense pleasure. Unbuttoning his jeans and undoing his fly he freed himself out of his jeans within seconds and positioned himself over Ashi. The hardness of his shaft rubbed against her skin burying in her, sending sensations down her groin. Gliding up her body, Rihaan cocooned her in his arms and said, seduction oozing out through his each word, “Open your eyes, Ashi.” Ashi did as she was told. Hovering over her was a replica of a Greek God gleaming in the crescent moonlight of the youthful night. Ashi inhaled sharply and half closed her eyes as he pushed himself into her slowly. Ashi’s moaning depicted a new level of pleasure. Her lips quavered and she pulled at the covers as Rihaan forged inside her, filling her insides; setting a rhythm – slow and steady, covering all her desires, passion, wants and needs, he bent over her, partially resting his weight. He entwined his fingers around her, filling in the gaps and holding her hand firmly, sealed his lips on her quavering ones comforting and steadying them. Ashi arched her back and splurged her entire bout of desire into the kiss, reserving a right on him, claiming him with whatever little love she had. Her soaring desires were soon going to find their release among his rhythmically pleasurable torture as he started to move with a relentless rhythm, pulling in and out building her up to reach the climax point. Reaching the apex of her climax, Ashi finally surrendered before Rihaan reached his, withdrawing it, just in time.

Ashi lay down tired and sweaty; her legs were still shaking from the aftermath of climax. Her legs felt like Jell-O. Rihaan collapsed next to her, tired and sweaty smiling his shy smile. Ashi beamed at him and he happened to hold her gaze at the same time. She grinned and before she could say anything, he pulled her into his arms, kissed her chastely still smiling and spooning with her he covered their bodies under the duvet; his hand snaked around her waist, his eased, relaxed breathing forming patterns on her neck. Their entangled bare bodies shone in the dim beams of moonlight that managed to sneak in through the drawn curtains.

Ashi closed her eyes and within a few minutes drifted off to sleep next to the only man that made her feel way too powerful with all his love.


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  1. veersatya01 says:

    Gosh !
    This is epoitome of blend of impeccable writing and passionate love making…….
    And the way you have corroborated it makes it look like a mellifluous river flowing by on a cold winter morning !
    I feel stunned in awe…a fan of yours now !

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