Chapter 24

Ashi and Rihaan stayed in the same stance for the next few minutes that seemed like eternity. Ashi didn’t loosen her hold on him, instead she held him tighter with every passing minute and Rihaan didn’t make her to. Both of them knelt on the kitchen floor hugging each other without uttering a single word. … Continue reading Chapter 24

Chapter 23

“All set?” Ashi was standing at the front door with a grin on her face, beaming at her parents. Both of them immediately fixed their sight on Ashi. “Yes, looks like we are. All set.” Her Dad answered smiling, waving his hands to all the packed stuff. Ashi pared the distance and stood next to … Continue reading Chapter 23

Chapter 22

“Hello Ruchi.” Rihaan held out his hand. Recomposing herself a tad and straightening up a little, Ruchi reached for his hand and managed for a – “Hello”. Rihaan flashed his patented smile at her and Ashi could vividly see its effect on Ruchi. She’s smiling back at him looking all the more smitten. Rihaan abruptly … Continue reading Chapter 22