Humans, in a nutshell

It feels like our souls are trapped in this inhuman world full of creatures who claim they are humans. A world where everyone is slow to understand fast to judge; where all are running on their toes with really nowhere to go. A world where everyone acts, but the efforts are visibly in the mega wrong directions, somewhere people write about quitting social media on social media. A world full of irony and hypocrisy. Every. Walk. Of. Life.

In this world of hook-ups, one night stands and friends-with-benefits, our souls are the ones that yearn and appreciate commitments. But that doesn’t mean we oppose these trends or lifestyles. But somewhere it feels we have landed in a universe that unfits us. That doesn’t sync with our ideologies. That we are scouting in a wrong place for a right thing – that we would be perfect for us. That would complete a paradox jigsaw – us. Also it doesn’t mean the place is wrong; it just means that we don’t fit in here.

We – a fistful of humans or whatever they like calling us here – maybe birdbrains, are trying to struggle, hold, live, settle, chase and pursue things that’s taking away the little of the best that’s left in us. Worst will be the day when all of it will vanish into thin air and we all will transform into the species that govern this world. Veiled, fake, distorted, fusioned, inhumans that lack emotions, empathy, elegance and essence of the species that were primarily known as humans.

We a handful of humans are the next endangered species that are on the verge of extinction after tigers. And the dark humour here is, unless the former is mended, many including the latter will always remain endangered!

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  1. Swati,try to follow other bloggers too.Became in initial stages we want to be our work recognized by others,especially who are already bloggers

  2. We all are same when we try to be different.

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