Life, in a nutshell

We live in a world that contradicts itself. Right from the virtue of birth, we come closer to death. Evidently, we being the only largest living planet in our solar system, we are constantly reminded of how little we contribute – as much as a pinpoint, to the entire universe. We commence wars to achieve peace; in the name of peace. Earn our entire lives to spend. Learn lessons from our past to secure our future – without knowing it exists or no. Hold on tightly to the things that want to leave. Learn the right lessons from the wrong experiences.

In the battle of winning the race and reaching the near ends, we’re losing our hold on the basics.

We fear facing failures but wait for success. We’re uncomfortable stepping out of our comfort zones. Want love without giving any. The list seems endless and eternal.

Contradictions are inevitable and we can’t turn a blind eye to them – just like our past and future.

But what can we do about them, at the present?

Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Present. Live in the moment; make the best of the present and it’ll take care of your future. Present is as powerful as gravity. It holds the calibre to attract everything you wish to attract. And it’s possibly the only thing, we have control over.

So, live in the present. Inhale. Exhale. Have a fistful of friends. Do more of those things that make you happy. Laugh. Listen to good music. Foster a passion. Hold on to it. Dream. Believe in magic. Take risks. Forgive. Grow and help others to grow. Do more of self-comparison. Embrace change. Be curious and then be brave. Learn new things.

Let things that have a desire to end, end. Don’t fret. For, those ends usually take the form of the most beautiful beginnings.


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