Love, in a Nutshell

Maybe we understood love all wrong. Right from the beginning.

“It takes time to fall in love with someone”; something we heard and followed since the time we started comprehending things, failing to understand that it just takes a moment to fall for someone and a lifetime to help it grow. A lifetime to do justice to all our feelings felt in the beginning.

A titchy inflammable flame that kindles deep inside is undeniable. Some recognize it soon. Some lag behind. It is just like music. Some songs sweep you off your feet into another world; within a matter of seconds. While some songs – when you hear them for the first time, you aren’t gripped, but deep down your conscious knows, listening to them a few more times will grip your soul.

What matters is – a light, fiery, spark that scares you, yet gives you a tingling feeling. Presence of that zingy spark will help the flame to burn bright, sooner or later.

But remember; don’t try igniting that flame, for if you, it’ll be extinguished someday.

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