Real Men, in a nutshell

Every other day, I trip over something stating or proving its point about real man/men. Quotes, one-liners, write-ups, blogs that explain the qualities of a real man. Real men, well, the combination itself looks like an oxymoron and sounds fictional at a glance. Often delusional. Satire apart, it has a lot more to it than [...]

Life, in a nutshell

We live in a world that contradicts itself. Right from the virtue of birth, we come closer to death. Evidently, we being the only largest living planet in our solar system, we are constantly reminded of how little we contribute - as much as a pinpoint, to the entire universe. We commence wars to achieve [...]

Love, in a Nutshell

Maybe we understood love all wrong. Right from the beginning. "It takes time to fall in love with someone"; something we heard and followed since the time we started comprehending things, failing to understand that it just takes a moment to fall for someone and a lifetime to help it grow. A lifetime to do [...]