Chapter 3

Well, to begin with… Rihaan Malhotra – A 6 feet 1 inch male having a wheatish complexion was an impeccable comely beefcake blended with a perfect debonair. In brevity, he was everything on a girls’ secret wish list. Although, this was an open-secret for him that made him cocksure of getting anyone he wanted, he never understood girls’ logic to ignore him in the beginning. May be because he was never the captivating red rose in the bouquet; instead, he was a white carnation. Something that seemed jejune in the beginning but surpassed everything when virtually magnified.

With a calibre to flutter heartbeats the way never did before, he was entitled to all the obnoxious things that Ashi said, a yob, a brat, a curse to mankind, rather a malediction to womanhood and had an unique conceit for this virtual badge.

Far from being a gentleman, he looked every bit like one. Thick dark brown hair that bounced a little whenever he walked with that patented gait of his, broad naturally sculpted shoulders with a neck alignment like that, he was too perfect to be called a natural creation. A well toned and chiseled torso with no show of extra muscles he was no where an artificial muscle bound individual.

Arms that perfectly aligned with his chiseled physique and patented posture, his forearms were something to talk about for an eagle eyed human. The veins that crawled along his forearms had a peculiar ability to show or emboss their existence whenever he rolled up his sleeves. Long dexterous fingers that dumb showed unknowingly, whenever he explained something, thwarted women’s ability to concentrate on anything but him. He was a man whose back profile was as attractive and charismatic as his front. Slightly oval-shaped, his face cut had a precisely edged jaw-line, his deep dark inky eyes, a well-sharpened, pointed nose and lips that had an unique touch of mild scarlet, he looked everything like a model who had stepped out of those glam-magazines.

Yes, I’m well aware that this definition of him no where harmonizes with a white carnation, being jejune and all of those formerly mentioned adjectives. But, Rihaan’s story too, just like any other guy had an edge of insecurity attached to it. He was more of a minnow in a large tank full of Discus fishes, Kabir being the yellow diamond Discus. So, mega-obviously, Kabir was the red rose of this bouquet; looks, affluence and power. However, if Kabir was the ecstasy, Rihaan was like a slow poison that would make your mind go ponderously feeble. Where Kabir’s alluring personality graph shot straight to nine and then scudded towards zero, Rihaan’s graph was exactly the opposite. So, the verdict was, Rihaan surpassed Kabir whenever it came in considering things in toto.

But, this world is made of protocols, protocols we can neither change nor we can alter. Except a few fistfuls, every next person follows it, accepts it and grows on it. It’s a part of human psychology – every person is always fascinated by the way he or she looks. So was it for Rihaan and Kabir. Rihaan although the best when isolated from the pride, he was always shadowed under Kabir’s presence.

Some people are evil by birth, some evil by choice, some evil by deeds, while some evil by chance. Rihaan was none of these. He was mischievous, but no evil. In fact, he was just a victim of some unceasing circumstances that had made him the way he was. He was the most ingenious brain among the lot; the most knowledgeable, the most adept, the wittiest, the wisest; the probable reason for being a powerful chick magnet, whose power lasted the best among the rest. Nerd was his middle name. However, he altered or rather changed into what he was now, in order to sheer away from this so called ‘nerd’ identity. He was mere a trapped wannabe who himself didn’t understand when he became one, and when he realized, it was already too late for him to take an U-turn and travel the way back all alone, or so he thought.

Life was too easy for him from where he viewed it. Everything was already served on the platter. All he’d to do was, eat. And that wasn’t a big deal for him. ‘Smooth life’ that’s what he called it. Moreover, it’s a human tendency. In reality, a very few ones who have had an easy life, have actually known to quit it and take up the intricate path. For Rihaan, this sumptuous food, clothing, shelter and sex had become his lifestyle and he was no where guilty of his deeds. Reason being, he was always surrounded by the worst. Self evaluation always gave him a satisfaction that he was better, and that teeny-weeny or tad better was all he needed. Wrong is wrong and can never be right. But, in a room crowded by all wrong-s, every single one would be judged on the basis of their wrongness, and his wrong-s occupied the last position; the sole reason that probably helped him in the ablution of his conscious, to some extent.

So, this “so called” mischievous Rihaan who was currently stomped over in some Cadel Rd Café, was not shocked, nor taken aback or even livid. Instead, he was grinning all the while, so much that he even rewarded himself, some utterly disgusted faces. On any other occasion, this would have been an unwelcomed distraction, but not today. Today, he was completely befuddled by the reaction he’d got. Ashi was the one, rather the only one till date, who had refused to be bewitched by the charisma, the debonair, the comeliness or whatever, of this so called Greek God. Instead, he made her lose, her valuable stiff upper lip, testing her endurance level.

“Interesting”, he finally muttered and walked out, as if nothing had happened, smiling and winking at the girls who threw him the well-known take-me-looks or whatever he called them. Although, he looked completely fine on the outside, he was equally twisted, tangled and wrecked on the inside, after today’s incident. His mind was yelling questions at him, at a lightning speed to which he’d no answers for. So, as of now, smiling and winking seemed to be the best escape plan to avoid diming his Casanova image in front of those take-me-look girls. After all, for him everything revolved around his Casanova image.


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