Interweaved Horizon

Chapter 1

Life….. What to say, it has always played games, played games with the best and the worst, both the types of people. The best ones keep pondering why does this happen to them, whereas, the worst ones think karma spares no one. Either ways life is always in a win-win situation smiling that cocky smile of hers. Obviously, it’s her… In this war of sexes, life is undoubtedly a woman as she knows how to create drama, melodrama and super drama out of almost nothing at all and then act ingenuous. A true bitch… In case, you’ve some interesting plans don’t share that with life. She’ll make sure that even if you’re close to your goals and almost a step away, everything will be made look so complicatedly tangled and austere that you’ll literally think, no use, it’s still far.

However, life is real; something that contradicts fiction yet dwells and grows on fiction. After all, fiction is an exaggerated form of reality.

For some, life adds this fiction factor a little more as compared to others, hers being one of them. Let’s refer to her as ‘her’ without any first name for the time being. Right from the beginning, her life had always been an elaborated version of fiction as if a part from every fiction had slightly slipped into her life tinch by tinch adding a little more melodrama with each advancing day.

This day had something new for her. Obviously, life, she needed something happening.

It was since she’d got up that morning and had set her eyes on the waking sun, she knew the moment was preparing her for some unseen catastrophe; sharpening her talons, hurling towards her at an alarming speed. She sighed and took a deep breath savouring the moment while shielding against it. “Yes, there can be a titchy possibility that I might be over thinking.” But, the way her life had moulded every time she’d experienced this immense, innate power called ‘vibe’, she couldn’t bring herself to think that this could be just a game of her hyper sensitive emotions.

A bright early morning, loaded with dire vibes summed up with a stern and sturdy, deep seated Dad’s call, calls in for the much awaited adrenaline to rush, resulting in a well suited responsiveness to stimuli. Before she could realize anything and hold her reflexes to her order and wish, she was already facing her Dad and waiting for his next move, biting her lower lip out of anxiety, curiosity or a mere response to calm down her adrenaline. Ok, that wasn’t that bad at first instinct; although it had a cent percent chance to turn bad or abysmal if not handled with delicate hands. Her Dad wanted her to meet someone, by meeting someone he meant “meeting someone”, someone he knew and she didn’t, someone whom he technically didn’t know but claimed to know because he knew his biological creators, someone she was expected to know even if her biological creators didn’t know, someone whom his biological creators didn’t know for 26 years but she was expected to know in an hour!!!

“So, this was it.”

She cursed life before nodding for a yes and walked out of her Dad’s room. No use arguing with him or even talking to him for that matter when he holds that pitch. His voice modulation conveyed a lot for her to silently shuffle out of the room. As his calm, cold words echoed in her conscious, she felt a deep urge to share it with someone. Now, the question was, who someone? The one and only “someone” she’d, she’d already driven him off. She didn’t even know if he will be willing to communicate after her wackiness. Except him, no one could understand the seriousness of the topic, according to her. She quickly thrust her raring unwelcomed thoughts back into her thumping brains as this could wait for now.

“This is no time for detailed contemplation and criticism about life and her Satanic abilities. If only he was here.”

“No. No. No… He isn’t available so you’ve to think of something. You can’t get petrified”, her subconscious screamed at her.

“But, what? I can’t look ugly in a couple of hours nor do I personally want that. Ok, I will be myself. Whatever this is, this too shall pass. May be, I should tell him that I’m already committed. What if he tells this to his Dad and the chain continues till it reaches mine.”

She was interrogating herself and coming up with satisfactory answers to her illogical questions. Reality was, the damage was done and it could only be faced or repaired now.

“Switch on the airplane mode, latch the door and go into a blessed state called sleep”, her subconscious gave her, her utmost valuable advice.

Although, sleep was a waste of time for her, she relied on sleep whenever she couldn’t think of anything. Going to sleep at least relieved her mind and avoided all the loss that she could possibly incur because of her over-stressing and regret later.

She locked her bedroom door before warning her Mumma that, she was on a ‘do not disturb’ mode and no one was supposed to invade her personal space.

Three hours of dreamless sleeps solves most of the problems. Practically, sleep doesn’t solve any problems. It just helps you to agglomerate some strength or courage and spend some time in peace to deal with your problems.

“4 fucking o’ clock”, she almost screamed her vocals out. “No time for bonus sleep”, she sighed. She wanted to wrap this mess as soon as possible. One more sigh escaped as she quickly glanced at the clock hanging in her room. “Why, O why”, she frowned. No answer. Life is a stubborn bitch.

“Get out of this fucking bed and get this shit together”, her subconscious yelled at her.

“High time to curse you life, we’ll interact some other time”, she said before getting out of her bed. This ‘wrong’ feeling had enveloped her since the time she’d realized she was going to be late. Punctuality was bestowed upon her in inheritance. She was a kind who would be on time even if it involved meeting her enemies. Revenge, can be shown in a better way, was something she followed sincerely.

Her mental list was checking everything on the subconscious level.

“Hair? Check. Footwear? Check. Handbag? Check. Dagger? Check. Nah… He isn’t that colossal sinister. In fact, may be, he isn’t anything close to that. May be, even he is coerced into this, just like me”, she pondered.

Her conscious mind was meandering around him, with what, how and finally ending with many why-s.

Pulling the main door to lock it, she plugged in her earphones boosting the volume to the maximum her ear drums could endure. Obviously, her favourite song had topped the playlist. #DontYouWorryChild, yes she needed someone to say this, John Martin voicing it as of now. “Whoever invented this magnificent technology called ‘ear phones’ is a boon to mankind”, she babbled to herself. The whomping beats of the song made her to forget her problems, temporarily.

“Music indeed puts me into another zone. Jeesh, that was clichéd. Cliché isn’t my genre”, she thought with a ravishing smile.

The so called ‘venue’ for the so called ‘meet’ was about ten minutes walking from her place.

“You better walk the distance; let Mr. Sinister wait for some more time. After all, when’ll you exercise your benefits of being a girl?” her inner voice husked in a cheeky voice.

Although sauntering the distance, she managed to reach just ten minutes late.

“Walking in the café and looking for him all over the place, ughh… doesn’t seem like a very good option.”

She decided to call him. A few taps on her iphone and it rang on the other side. A ring later, a deep male voice, quite stern but kinda hot – (Mental Note) – Plus One, answered, “Yes?” “Hello, this is Ashi… Rahul, right?” “Oh, yes, yes, I’m on my way Ashi, I’ll be reaching in ten minutes.” “First Name??? Seriously??” she quickly added – (Mental Note) – Plus One.

“I’m really sorry dear – ,

“Dear?? Did he just say that?? Duh uhh… – (Mental Note) – Minus One”,

– actually there’s a lot of traffic, peak hours I tell you.” “You there?” his words struck her like a tornado. “Yep, I’m here, Mmm.. I mean I’m listening and yes I’ve already reached. “Oh, okay. Just give me ten minutes, till then you go ahead and order something – ,

“Order something??? He wants me to pay??? Jeesh – (Mental Note) – minus…,

– and yes, don’t pay just tell them you’re there to see me.” His words were interrupted by her loud and clear – “ahem” that surely made him smile, as she could hear it when he resumed his sentence – “I’m in the business Ashi, and yes, really sorry for the inconvenience. See ya then.”

“Wow! That was unexpected! A see ya in the first convo, not bad, (Mental Note) – Plus One”,

His ‘see ya’ was more like a question that made her to promptly reply the same. “See you too”, she answered and the line went dead.

Waiting was a task for her. It not only got on her nerves but also got high on her nerves. Being late was an austere kind of crime for her. Yet, here she was, waiting for him for he’d earned three plus and 2 minus. Technically, he’d just earned one plus and that one plus was strong enough to make her wait.

Swiveling her neck around the café, she let out a deep, prolonged sigh.

“I hope he reaches in time, so that I can wrap this deadloss, coerced date soon and just leave.”

Observing was something innate in her. She never made deliberate attempts to observe people. It always happened unknowingly. Being a second day of the week, the place wasn’t that crowded. “Thank Lord!” she said, loud enough for the couples sitting next to her to hear.

Whatever little population could be seen included 90% unknown to each other, dumb, dazed, clumsy looking couples, as if this is the last place on the earth for a planned date.

“Can this be anymore clichéd? Jeesh… I might chunder, just at the thought of it”, she mumbled.

Her subconscious glared at her through cat-eyed glasses and continued in a sarcastic tone, “You’re soon going to join the battalion, baby.”

She shooed off her subconscious and started with the autumn level breathing.

Closing her eyes interweaved the plexus of her mind even more. She could see flashes of images from her memory that made her all the more uncomfortable.

“I fucking know this face, like someone unknown yet known; some familiar stranger. Ughh.. I’ll better ask him”, she whispered to herself.


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