Chapter 17

“Is everything okay? Are you all right?” Her mom enquired, squinting at her silhouette in the dark. “I think so”, Ashi replied mechanically. Her mom pared the distance between them as she continued, “Doesn’t look like though. Let me tell you that you’re looking like a place that’s undergoing an aftermath of a flood or … Continue reading Chapter 17

Chapter 16

“Ashi?? Anvesha? What’s wrong with you??” Rihaan enquired with a frown. Ashi was rashly yanked back to reality by his voice. Rihaan turned looking at her, shifting in his seat, slightly frowning, puzzled by the abrupt change in her behaviour. “Nothing. I’m just sleepy. That’s all. Where’s Taniya?” Ashi’s eyes scanned Rihaan’s BMW and even … Continue reading Chapter 16

Chapter 15

“Hey, where did you disappear?!” Kabir interrobanged approaching Rihaan and Ashi, Taniya walking abreast. “This lady of mine disappeared. And I came looking for her.” Rihaan answered still holding Ashi’s hand and viewing her intently. Ashi rolled her eyes and withdrew her hand before speaking, “I think I’ll take a leave, Kabir. I don’t intend … Continue reading Chapter 15

Chapter 12

The café was a relatively small, dimly lit, circular place with exquisite-looking lanterns hanging down the dome-shaped roof that mildly illuminated the place. There were murals – food and abstract and stone collages engraved on the walls, further adding an impetus to the already apparent antiquity. It looked sparsely populated even though it served everything … Continue reading Chapter 12

Chapter 11

Every time his iPhone beeped, he checked it with the same or maybe even higher level of ecstaticness. His inner excitement didn’t tally with the blank splayed all over his face. Though his inner demons had made his mind their dance floor, his body language gave off nothing more than a formal appearance. His scowl … Continue reading Chapter 11